Welcome to ArtsEntrepreneurshipGames.com. My name is Jim Hart and I love to developJim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU games for the entrepreneurship classroom.

This site has served as a repository for some of the many experiential entrepreneurship exercises I have designed.  Are you interested in experiential entrepreneurship education? Check out my new book, available at Amazon.com and the publisher’s website. This book, Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship,  offers 65 original experiential entrepreneurship exercises with which to teach.

There are a few exercises on this blog that are freely available to read, without a password. Others can find in the book.

This book is designed as a “cookbook of sorts” for instructors. With this metaphor, the instructor/professor is a chef and they are serving “food” (exercises) to their customers (students). I urge instructors to find topics they wish to explore or teach about, to read the exercise and, if it “tastes good,” offer it to students. If one doesn’t like an exercise, there is likely another in the book more to their tastes. If they find what they are looking for, the instructor can serve it. If the exercise is something that would work well in their classroom, they should, just as is every chef has the privilege of doing when prepping a meal, modify the exercise to suit their own classroom needs and desires.

At the book’s conclusion, I offer multiple “recipes”– sequential listings of certain exercises that can be used together to teach important topics–like attracting capital, and more. Instructors can, if they wish, list a sequential series of exercises on their own syllabus (like a menu) and teach a semester’s course with multiple experiential entrepreneurship exercises.

Need learning objectives for a syllabus, they are pre-designed and freely available for an instructor to integrate into their own syllabi. For grading purposes, there are a number of rubrics, with which an instructor can evaluate students for grading purposes and the electronic version has hyperlinks that direct readers to exercises that are complementary.

In designing Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach, I have tried to make each exercise easy to grasp for an instructor and their students, for each to be unequivocally and obviously linked to the process of entrepreneurship, that all exercises offer students an in-class experience that is more than only lecturing and each exercise is designed for students to further their entrepreneurial intentions.

At the top of each first page of an exercise, I have clearly written, in quick and easy-to-read fashion, whether the exercise is a demonstration, game, simulation or simply an “exercise”. For each exercise, I offer the length of time required to complete–whether short, medium or long in length and the approximate length of times (sometimes in minute fashion), for an instructor to execute. So instructors can quickly find exercises that suit topics they are exploring in their classrooms, exercises are clearly identified by subjects that are explored. Each of the 65 exercises is accompanied by “Tips and thoughts” which are offered to help instructors gain insight into lessons I have personally learned in using these exercises in my own classrooms and responses I often give to commonly asked questions.

I hope you enjoy my new book and after you have had time to try some of the exercises in your own classroom, to hear your thoughts on the content.

Kind regards,

Jim Hart

Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts

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Discount on Book for Individuals

Want to receive a 35% discount on my book Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-disciplinary Approach?

See the attached image, where you can view the code to use at checkout and read critical acclaim for the book.

Kind regards,

James Hart


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Flipping the Classroom & Experiential Learning

Please see the following post I wrote, published by Edward Elgar Publishing, about the value of both “flipping” one’s classroom and experiential learning.

Flipping the Classroom and the Benefits of Experiential Learning




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Dallas Innovates Article

D Magazine’s “Dallas Innovates” posted a piece today on my new book, “Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship.”

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Book is Published Now

I’m so happy to share that my book “Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A cross-disciplinary approach” is now published and available for purchase!

The publisher, Edward Elgar, Ltd., has created an exclusive 35% discount offer for you to take advantage of for 1 month only. At checkout via the Edward Elgar website, enter ‘VIP35‘ before you check out. This offer is only valid for 1 copy per person, is not for use by institutional libraries or booksellers.

Follow THIS LINK to gain an insight into some of the 65 exercises, tips and the structure of the book.

Thank you for your support,

James Hart

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Critical Acclaim for Book

My book release date is coming up quickly. Please note that Amazon.com is currently taking pre-orders. In April, simultaneously, the book will be released in hardback, paperback, and e-book versions–all at different price points.

The critical acclaim that my book is receiving with its initial reviews is humbling, to say the least. To read some of the comments from my heroes in the field of Entrepreneurship is something I am so honored by.

You can view their comments via the publisher’s website (Edward Elgar Publishing), but for the east of reading, I have posted comments here:

Critical Acclaim:

‘This book provides a wealth of in-class exercises to engage students in all aspects of the entrepreneurial process. I found great comfort in using a resource that Continue reading

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This past week, I was honored with a 3rd place national prize for my experiential exercise “Have a classmate tell your story.” This exercise can be found on this site.

Thank you, all, for your continued support. Updates on my book will be posted soon.



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Book Released in April

Please take a moment to see my upcoming book information and the newly released book cover! You can click on the cover to see information from the publisher’s website (Edward Elgar, Ltd.).

James Hart Book Cover

Thank you for your support!

Jim Hart

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Update on Book 2

The following is an update on my book Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach.

The book, being published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd., includes 65 original exercises to teach entrepreneurship. With a structure offering games, simulations demonstrations and exercises, numerous entrepreneurial topics are explored to help instructors offer experiential exercises in their classrooms.

Now the book is making its way through the publishing process. The editor has approved it, the cover has been chosen and the marketing text written. The book has been assigned to a desk editor and passed along to a copyeditor.

I’m excited about this process and appreciate your interest in the book’s development and progress. Readers, like you, have made this book possible.

If you are an educator and have used exercises from this blog, I would love to know what school you represent.

Thanks for checking in often,


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USASBE Podcast Interview

I recently participated in an interview for the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) podcast. I spoke about how entrepreneurship is a creative process, experiential exercises, the importance of play,  and what business students can learn from the arts.

Thanks for checking it out and sharing your thoughts!

Podcast Interview: http://apple.co/2zO4i4O


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Update on Book

Update on the book I’m writing, to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd.:

My contract asks that the book be no longer than 80,000 words. I’ve been asked to have a minimum word count of 60,000. So far, I have logged 68 original exercises (with more already created and to be written down soon). My word count is currently at Continue reading

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