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Speed Dating Market Feedback

This game enables students to gain multiple points of market feedback to better (and make more viable) their original entrepreneurial concepts. Continue reading

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What Would You Risk?

In this exercise, students develop an understanding of their willingness or reluctance to take educated risks. Continue reading

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From Ideation to Startup

These twenty steps can serve as a student’s window into entrepreneurial vision. Once they see the dream, they see the gap and have an idea of how to fill it, it is important that they begin. They must develop momentum. Goethe famously said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Continue reading

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What Problems Do You Perceive?

In this game, students develop a sense of problems that might be addressed within one’s community, state or nation. Continue reading

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Ideation: Synthesizing Talents, Interests, Passions and Skills (T.I.P.S.) 

Take a hard look at whatever it is that comes out of your synthesizing your talents, skills and interests. Creating something that engages each of these things can lead to a feeling of fulfillment, of the utilization of one’s potential. Continue reading

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