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Need Fulfillment 

Students learn a time-tested technique of need fulfillment, used to fulfill others’ needs and lead towards mutual need fulfillment. Continue reading

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Competitive Lemonade Stands

In this game, students practice and test sales strategies to effectively compete in a mock market and to develop different design concepts for their lemonade stands in an attempt to brand their concepts. Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt

As children, many of us went on scavenger hunts and amassed random objects from lists. The people who helped us in this process, did so to participate in our process (or game), to aide in our success and have a … Continue reading

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Self-Sufficiency or Trial by Fire

By engaging in a self-sufficient process, students learn by doing (or through experiential learning). This type of learning is valuable in the arts entrepreneurship process, as students are enabled to own their knowledge as a result of first experiencing it. Continue reading

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Network Discovery

Students learn how they can gain access to influential or important people, if they are willing to inquire and ask around. Continue reading

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