Defense of Plans

How to Play:

Others’ input can be valuable for the developing arts entrepreneur and their concepts. In defense of plansthis class exercise, the arts entrepreneur presents their idea and the class attempts to “poke holes” in it. The goal for the entrepreneur is to understand their concept so soundly, that they have a response (defense) for each class question and comment.

To understand one’s concept as well as possible, it must be both envisioned in ones mind’s eye, but also formulated on paper. Nothing is real until it exists in writing. The goal of the entrepreneur should be to analyze their idea as though it were a three dimensional object, looking at the concept from each and every side. It is important to understand what problems might arise, what the revenue drivers are, how they function, what is necessary in way of affiliation with important organizations and partnerships, etc.


The teacher should guide the process of defense and question the student entrepreneur with comments that the others students may not think about.

The student entrepreneur should have a response for most questions, but few people can think of everything. This exercise serves to offer inspiration for development.

Learning Outcome:

In this in-class exercise, students develop an ability to intelligently and thoughtfully address their concepts (and consequently come to understand them better) before a litany of responses and questions.

Creative Commons License
Defense of Plans by James David Hart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


About James Hart

Jim Hart currently serves as Interim Chair of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship & Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts. Hart is also the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway.
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