Why Games?

This blog, Arts Entrepreneurship Games, offers games and exercises for the arts Marble Gameentrepreneurship classroom, which can be used by teachers as a supplement to lectures.

Entrepreneurship is an experiential process with a felt impact (by the entrepreneur and customers). As such, experiential learning becomes an ideal modality for training. Games can serve as an experiential offering and simultaneously, appeal to artists’ sensibilities. Artists love to play. Learning through play can speed one’s learning process, as they are having fun and in a state of joy. A precedent for this type of training can be found in theatrical improvisation games of Viola Spolin.

Why teach through games?

    • As Arts Entrepreneurship educators, we must appeal to artists’ sensibilities.
    • Games can teach both hard and soft skills.
    • Artists love to play.
    • Through game play, one experiences and can come to own their knowledge.
    • Games can provide a simulated entrepreneurial experience.

3 Responses to Why Games?

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  2. Katie Brown says:

    Hi, Jim. I love the blog, BTW. I will return often as I plan lessons for my arts entrepreneurship course at Central Piedmont Community College. Thanks for doing this! Katie Brown


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