Superhero Powers

Every superhero has their superhero powers, those superb skills that are the source of their talents and abilities. Just as superheroes have their amazing skills, so too do we. Continue reading

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Daydream for Inspiration

Many a creative mind has been reprimanded for daydreaming while in school. “Pay daydreamattention!”, they might hear from a frustrated teacher. Daydreaming is often unappreciated in our culture. It is thought of as “spacing out” and of not being present. However, when one is daydreaming, Continue reading

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Looking for Inspiration

We find inspiration in the world around us and the stimuli we encounter. By engaging in new, varied and unconventional stimuli, we broaden our chances of being inspired and generating new arts entrepreneurship ideas.

How to Play: Continue reading

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Ideation via Image and Persona Building

Learning Outcomes:

Students learn to develop entrepreneurial concepts with an imagined persona/audience/specific customer in mind.

In this process of ideation (developing original entrepreneurial concepts), using magazines, students identify a Continue reading

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Tiered Structure of Giving

In the fundraising process, many nonprofit organizations will create a tiered structure of giving. This awards donors with titles for their contributions, which are labeled publicly. Such labels may be found in Continue reading

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Are Business Plans Necessary?

There is a military saying: “No plan survives first contact.” No plan survives, as people are are business plans necessary? unpredictable. The best laid plans must change as soon as one other person enters the equation. If you anticipate a person will Continue reading

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Defense of Plans

How to Play:

Others’ input can be valuable for the developing arts entrepreneur and their concepts. In defense of plansthis class exercise, the arts entrepreneur presents their idea and the class attempts to “poke holes” Continue reading

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