Taking Stock

If you are the arts entrepreneur, you are likely the person who is legally responsible for your business and, as a result, there is always something you could or should be doing.

It is easy to feel as though you are just treading water and not moving forward, not completing significant milestones, as there is so much that must be accomplished in the process of building a sustainable and profitable business. In order to keep our spirits up, maintain a healthy perspective and persevere, it is important to Continue reading

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Persona Ideation & 3 Ideas

This game is designed to teach students how to increase the probability of success with their original concept by creating with a specific person (persona) in mind. In this game, students are divided into pairs and each student identifies themselves as either A or B. They are asked to Continue reading

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Superhero Powers

Every superhero has their superhero powers, those superb skills that are the source of their talents and abilities. Just as superheroes have their amazing skills, so too do we. Continue reading

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Daydream for Inspiration

Many a creative mind has been reprimanded for daydreaming while in school. “Pay daydreamattention!”, they might hear from a frustrated teacher. Daydreaming is often unappreciated in our culture. It is thought of as “spacing out” and of not being present. However, when one is daydreaming, Continue reading

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Looking for Inspiration

We find inspiration in the world around us and the stimuli we encounter. By engaging in new, varied and unconventional stimuli, we broaden our chances of being inspired and generating new arts entrepreneurship ideas.

How to Play: Continue reading

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Ideation via Image and Persona Building

Learning Outcomes:

Students learn to develop entrepreneurial concepts with an imagined persona/audience/specific customer in mind.

In this process of ideation (developing original entrepreneurial concepts), using magazines, students identify a Continue reading

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Tiered Structure of Giving

In the fundraising process, many nonprofit organizations will create a tiered structure of giving. This awards donors with titles for their contributions, which are labeled publicly. Such labels may be found in Continue reading

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