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My name is Jim Hart and I love to develop games for the arts entrepreneurship classroom. Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMUThis site offers some of the games I have designed. I’ll be posting a new game each week for the next 34 weeks. Continue reading

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Taking Stock

It is easy to feel as though you are just treading water and not moving forward. In order to keep our spirits up, maintain a healthy perspective and persevere, it is important to… Continue reading

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Persona Ideation & 3 Ideas

In my own classroom, I have found remarkable results. I conducted this exercise over a week with a wide range of cross-disciplinary students in multiple classes. This is what I found: Continue reading

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Superhero Powers

By identifying one’s “superhero” skills, students learn what assets they have as creatives and in what ways they can use them to provide income or create an entrepreneurial endeavor. Continue reading

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Daydream for Inspiration

In this exercise, students learn to develop their imaginations through active and willful imagining, through daydreaming. Continue reading

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Ideation via Image and Persona Building

Students learn to develop entrepreneurial concepts with an imagined persona/audience/specific customer in mind. Continue reading

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Tiered Structure of Giving

In this exercise, arts entrepreneurship students learn to create a tiered structure of giving for fundraising purposes. Continue reading

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